I dedicate this website to my father, Sam Greenberg. I had my father for the first twelve years of my life until he passed away. He was a great dad who recognized my artistic abilities and love for drawing while I was still quite young.  My first artwork consisted of drawings that I created with charcoal sticks on a large newsprint drawing pad that he brought home for me, from his job at a newspaper when we lived in Columbus, GA. I remember drawing bridges and stick figures.  In 1958, at only seven years of age, my father sent me to the Columbus School of Art. I wouldn’t realize until I was older how visionary that was on his part. By then, I had been drawing for quite a few years and while at the art school, I did a lot of pastel drawings. Some of those drawings are included on this web site on the Bio and Early Artwork page.

When it came to my artwork — in particular what I drew and how I drew it — with his love and encouragement, I could do no wrong. He didn’t try to steer me in any particular direction and especially did not try to “correct” me — he let my natural talent progress without interruption. Very few people that I have met in life have had the luxury of that kind of support. It was priceless and I will forever be grateful for the unwavering support he gave me.

My father was a writer and throughout his career he worked for different newspapers. He occasionally published articles, but worked mostly as a copywriter. Early in his career, he created crossword puzzles every month for the paper. During World War II, he was a freelance war correspondent while based in Iran. He was stationed there as a part of the Persian Gulf Command and was part of a secret operation. They sent supplies, via truck and train, through the back door into Russia along a route called the Persian Corridor. Those supplies helped the Russians fight the Germans. He was a very creative man and his influence upon my life and direction was considerable.

Dad, this website and the entire body of my work is dedicated to you. Thank you and I love you.


Rest in Peace ~ Sam Greenberg

1912 – 1962

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