I created these sculptures while I pursued my BVA degree from Georgia State University. Although previously part of my private collection, I am now making some of these pieces available for sale. I thoroughly enjoyed foundry work and did a lot of it, with some fabrication, while in school. My major was sculpture and right behind it, my interest in printmaking.

“Union of Opposites” – Skateboard


A union of opposites, being the sun and the moon. Cast bronze with fiber roller skate wheels.

“Union of Opposites” – Underside


The wheels on this piece were from a fiber-wheel roller skate cut in half. It’s how they were made in the early 1960s; we cut a metal wheel skate in half and nailed it to a board.

Dimensions:  24 3/4″ long x  12 3/8″ wide x  3 1/4″ tall
Cost $2,500.00

“Moon, Venus, on Earth” – Skateboard


“Moon, Venus, on Earth” – Underside


The wheels connected under her head are at a slope. If you were to ride such a skateboard, you would find that when you lean to the left, the skateboard would turn to the right. She has a mind of her own. (I do not suggest that you should actually ride a bronze skateboard.)

Dimensions: 28 1/4″ long x  10 3/4″ wide x  4 1/2″ tall
Cost $2,500.00

“Someone’s Mother”


Bronze casting.

Dimensions: 8″ long x  4 1/2″ wide x  7 1/2″ tall
Cost $400.00

“Opus Magnus” – First view


“Opus Magnus” – Second view


Nickel bronze casting with spray lacquer finish. This piece weighs 86.5 pounds, 20 pounds of which is nickel.
The bamboo base measures 23″ square x 12″ high.

Dimensions:  22″ long x  16″ wide x  13 1/2″ tall
Cost $12,000.00 – Negotiable; contact me



Bronze castings.

Dimensions:  3 1/2″ to 5″ tall
Display only – Items sold

“Bird Man”


“Bird Man” – Second view


Bronze casting.

Dimensions:  3′ wide x 1 1/4′ deep x 2 3/4′ tall
Display only – Item sold

“The Earth Eaters”


Chrome plated bronze, painted with urethane.

Dimensions: 15″ wide x 19″ tall x 2 1/2″ thick
Display only – Item sold

“Blue Flocked” – First view


“Blue Flocked” – Second view


Cast cement with blue flocking.

Dimensions: 19″ long x 15″ wide x 12″ tall
Display only – Item sold

“Land Form”


Bronze casting.

Dimensions: 30″ long x 20″ wide x 10″ tall
Display only – Item sold

“Elation Held High” – First view


“Elation Held High” – Second view


Georgia marble.

Dimensions: 34″ tall x 16″ wide
Display only – Item sold

“Entropy Awaiting” – First view


This piece was constructed of bronze pieces, steel tubes, and wood forms. Felt flocking was applied to all surfaces except for the front side of the bronze castings.

I did not completely understand the word entropy at the time, but liked the way the title felt to me. I saw it as relating to our earth–in a closed system, such as it is–gradually declining. In my sculpture, I was showing God’s angel with wings pointing down to earth, bringing a message about the need to wake up and get oneself in order before making the next transition called Death.

Dimensions: 6′ high x 4′ around
Display only – Item sold

“Entropy Awaiting” – Second view


“Entropy Awaiting” – Third view


This was the first piece that I worked on in wax. I wanted to show a union of opposites where consciousness was emerging out of the unconscious. I began this piece with the abstract face (the unconscious), and then created a realistic arm with hand and finger pointing down (the conscious). From there, I let the unconscious manifest and come to consciousness. It continued to evolve until I perfected the concept of God speaking through the Angelic Kingdom, contacting humanity on Earth. This sculpture took me two quarters at university to complete. I feel that this piece came into manifestation due to my openness to the unconscious, of which the largest part is the knowledge in and of God and the Spiritual Kingdom. 

“Entropy Awaiting” – Fourth view


“Entropy Awaiting” – Fifth view


“Entropy Awaiting” – Sixth view


“Entropy Awaiting” – Seventh view


“Sun, Lips, Touch”


Dimensions: 10 1/2″ diameter
Display only – Item sold

In the foundry – the skateboards


Foundry work


Casting one of the skateboards.

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